10 Ways To Accomplish All Your Trading Goals In 2015

There are two kinds of people in this world -- the first group are the ones who achieve their goals, and the second group are the ones with a million reasons why they don’t. Let’s make 2015 the year you join the first group.

1. No More Resolutions

If you want to be in the first group in 2015 then lets start with abolishing new years resolutions. If six months ago you were telling yourself in the new year I will make a resolution to really commit to my trading, then you have already lost. The moment you realize you control your career, you have to act now not when January rolls around. Now don't get me wrong I am a big believer in goal setting and measuring performance, but if you have a dream in your heart its only going to take longer to accomplish by waiting to set a resolution.

2. It’s Not Enough To Set Goals

Maybe you want to make the transition from part-time trader to full-time trader. Maybe you want to trade a more challenging market. Maybe you want a 50% return this year. Whatever your trading goals may be its important to put them in writing, and include the necessary steps to accomplish these goals. Most people don't write down their goals and even fewer actually write the steps necessary to accomplish them. Most people set a New Years resolution and in a few weeks they fall of the wagon and are back to their old ways. Make it a habit to review your goals often and avoid slipping back into old habits.

3. Break Each Goal Down To Smaller Short Term Goals

Humans are programmed for instant gratification. When we have large goals we often get discouraged when we realize how much effort it will take, because we are no where near the goal right now. It helps to break these longer term goals down to smaller achievable goals. By doing this you will get to reward yourself along the way and the end goal will not seem so distant. Feel free to reward yourself at every step of the way. Go ahead and treat yourself to that nice dinner, or buy that article of clothing you have been eyeing for the past few months. The real reward is the end goal and by treating yourself to small rewards along the way it can really help you stay motivated and see things through.

4. Stop Searching For The Holy Grail And Start Being Productive

I can’t tell you how much time I wasted when I was a novice trader searching for the perfect indicator or algorithmic trading system. If I would have just dug my heels in and focused on learning the fundamentals of trading (market structure and price action) I would have turned pro far earlier than I did. Stop switching your charts and indicators every few weeks after you incur losses, and start studying market structure and price action, and analyzing your trades.

5. Journal

Every trader should be keeping a journal, no exceptions. Most traders don't journal, and most traders fail. If you want to succeed in 2015 then you will have to take the road not often traveled and do what others are not willing to do. Most traders keep repeating the same mistake over and over again because they have no documentation of past mistakes. Don’t let this be you, keep a journal and review it often.

6. Don’t Listen To The Critics

Trading is extremely difficult and the sad truth is most people fail. Don't let someone tell you your dream of professional trading is impossible just because they can't make it. People love to tell other people what they can and cannot do. Mainly because if they can’t do it or they can't see how its possible, then it must be impossible right? Talk to any of the many market wizards profiled in Jack Schwager’s books and I think you will hear a much different story. This is possible and many have done it before you. No one is better than you, if I can do it so can you. This can be very tough on traders because often times the people we love and admire are telling us our dreams are impossible. No one in my family believed in me when I started trading and now there my biggest fans. Don’t waste time arguing with overly critical people. The best way to silence the critics is to achieve massive success. Hold on to your dream and keep your eyes on the prize.

7. Body, Mind, and Soul

It is impossible to achieve great success in any endeavour without being in top physical and mental condition. Trading can be extremely stressful and its important that you remain in optimal mental state to enhance your performance. The following is a list of some of the ways you can accomplish this:  

  • Adequate sleep
  • Proper nutrition
  • Exercise - at least 2-3 times per week
  • Rest, meditation, and relaxation
  • Healthy relationships - spend time with family, friends, and loved ones
  • Visualization exercises
  • Balanced lifestyle - do not be consumed with trading
  • Spirituality can do wonders for your trading

8. Be Consistent and Committed

When I started trading I jumped right into trading full-time with very little experience. I did this because I didn’t want to give myself a plan B, failure was not an option. This level of commitment is what it takes. Although this was the right decision for me, it may not be the right decision for you. Everyone needs to evaluate their personal situation and decide what's best for you and your family. It WILL take a high level of commitment to succeed. That means never giving up, no matter what! Often times trading becomes so difficult that people want to give up when they don't see the profits they are hoping for. It is during these times that we need to be consistent with following the proper process, journaling, correcting mistakes, and working on our discipline. Traders need to be consistent in all aspects in order to succeed.

9. Education

Proper education is vital to the success of any trader. When I started trading It was very difficult to find good trading education. I did not know where to look or what I was looking for. I stumbled upon one program that looked promising, I was sadly mistaken. I spent months and months learning and executing this system, only to find out that what I was being taught had no real edge in the market. The instructors did not trade and I was back at square one. It’s very important to find a program that teaches you market structure and price action designed by a full-time trader. Avoid educators selling proprietary indicators giving you the impression that trading is easy. You will not make $1,000 a day with 30 minutes of work. Trading is extremely difficult and don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

10. Mentorship

Finding a mentor is no easy task, but if you can find one this can be your fast track to success. Finding someone who has been through the ups and downs of trading and is where you want to be is a huge advantage, if they can also teach. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a professional trader and that accelerated my learning curve. Research indicates that mentors play an important role in the development of most expert performers. Top performing athletes benefit from coaching, music artists and composers have many coaches and teachers. Tiger Woods is a professional golfer. He is often referred to as the worlds greatest golfer, and even the worlds greatest golfer receives coaching. Why would these individuals seek coaching when they are already at the top of their game? Tiger woods can not see himself swing the club. Music artists can hear themselves sing but not the same way a talented vocal coach can. Trading is no different, you can always get better and top performers are never satisfied with past performance. They are always striving for greatness. Greatness is not an achievement, it's a lifetime of achieving. I don't want traders to go through what I went through and that’s the reason I created Optic Trading. Don’t waste your time with other educational courses that give you no real edge in the market. Optic Trading is a first class trading education and mentorship program, that will help traders of every level. This program takes a trader from A-Z, starting with the most basic and progressing to the most advanced subjects, that are rarely covered in educational courses. If you are looking for a training program to kick start you're trading career in 2015, then this is the program for you.


You can and you will accomplish your goals this year with hard work and perseverance. Review this post often and make sure you are following these ten steps and you will be well on your way to a successful trading career.

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