• Optic Trading is an educational course built upon the principals of one-on-one support, coaching, examples, and tangible honest advice. The curriculum is laid out in an easy to digest video format that accommodates the absolute beginner, as well as the seasoned professional. The program gives traders a complete education. Traders will understand risk and money management techniques, as well as setups and execution and the more advanced techniques. Getting on board trends early, reading strength in real time, and determining the likely day type before the day is even completed are just a few of the many advanced subjects covered in the program.

    Optic Trading is not your average trading course. Its a comprehensive in depth program designed by a full time professional trader. You will not be learning from some instructor that does not trade, you will be learning from a full time trader that trades the markets every day. You are not just shown highly profitable setups, you will also learn how to read live markets and understand the complexities of market movement.

    My name is Adam Ryan. I am a proud father and the professional trader behind Optic Trading. I created Optic Trading because like many of you I was once a struggling trader. I know what it feels like to want it so bad, but feel alone because there are few honest traders willing to help. With so much misinformation being thrown around its no wonder the failure rate is so high. A professional trader helped me early on in my trading career and I want to help others as well. I'm a down to earth passionate trader that loves to help others succeed. If you are dedicated to your success and willing to invest in yourself, then I will be here with you every step of the way. I can relate to you wherever you are on your trading journey. I know what it takes to succeed. I have put all the knowledge and insights I have gained over the years into this course and it will dramatically speed your learning curve.