• Foundations of Trading

    Learn the basic concepts, tools and methods of successful trading. This course is for beginners who want to master daytrading, taught by a professional full-time trader. 


    Trade in Financial Markets after Learning the Foundations in this Tutorial for Beginners. 

    • Set Up Your Computer and Trading Software
    • Recognize and Read the Different Chart Types 
    • Use the Investing Tools Utilized by Professional Traders 
    • Learn the Best Markets for Beginners to Trade  


    As a professional trader, I use everything I teach on a daily basis. 

    These days, anyone with an internet connection has access to trading activities. As a full-time job, trading can offer a financially rewarding, flexible lifestyle and the opportunity to be your own boss, without an expensive education. Even part-time trading or swing trading can boost your bottom line. 

    There’s never a dull moment in daytrading. To make a profit while avoiding rookie mistakes, the overarching principle goes beyond simplifying stock picks to learning how to manage your risk. Mastering the foundations of trading and the importance of sticking to a plan will not only help protect your profits – it will help ease the pressure often associated with trading.  

    The information in this course comes from years of experience trading the markets for a living. This is not just theory. Everything I teach works – I know, because I use it myself. 


    Content and Overview 

    Learn everything you need to get started trading in this video course of 10 lessons. You’ll begin by learning the most efficient way to set up your computer, and which software will make your life easier. You’ll also learn how to select the right broker for you – an important step that often gets overlooked.  

    The sheer amount of markets to choose from can be overwhelming for a novice trader. This course will reveal which markets are easier for a beginner to trade. You will learn how to choose a market suited to your capital, and to your skill level. You will also become familiar with trading indicators, learn the straightforward steps of how to read chart types, and get friendly with the tools used by professional traders. 

    By the end of the course, you will have the trading basics mastered. You’ll also continue to have unlimited access to the course, for life. With this solid foundation, you’ll be ready to start your trading career. 

    $499 One Time (for lifetime access, non-recurring, no trial)