• Professional Trading Course

    • Four modules consisting of 22 video lessons
    • Robust trading system
    • On going support

    Whether you are an absolute beginner, or an advanced constantly profitable trader, this course is for you.

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    The course starts with the building blocks of a successful trading career. It is important to lay a strong foundation and understand how markets work on a basic level, so we have something to lean upon when the advanced material comes. For this reason I have titled the first module Market Foundations. Next, is Risk Control and Money Management. This is one of the most important aspects of trading that is often overlooked by novice traders. The third module is Advance Volume Analysis and Day Types. In this module you will learn many techniques for analyzing and making trading decisions with information derived from volume. Lastly, in module four you will put everything together and learn the setups and how to properly execute each setup.

    You will also learn

    • How to clearly define your entry, stop and target
    • 11 setups that will allow you to trade any market in multiple market conditions
    • How to construct a trade plan that will guide your trading for the day
    • How to read the opening. Learn how to act early when opportunity presents itself
    • How to detect trends and large market moves before they occur
    • About the various day types. Strategies have to be adjusted each day depending on what the day type is
    • How to limit risk
    • Auction market theory, market profile, and volume profile
    • How to journal and keep metrics for measuring performance
    • Multiple time frame analysis. Which time frame has control for the day. (its not always the higher time frame)
    • How to identify and anticipate stop runs, and how you can take advantage of them

    And much more...

    I believe it is important to show traders when and why to make a trade, but I also believe its important to show traders when trades don’t work and things go wrong. In the heat of the battle when something goes wrong it pays to be able to identify this early. Every setup I teach I show examples of when things go wrong and how you can avoid these situations. I also show you the optimal environment for every setup. New traders have to realize that sometimes the best trade is no trade at all. Be patient and wait for the market to come to you.

    Learn how to make good trades and avoid bad ones, without the robots. Enroll in the Professional Trading Course.

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