• Optic Professional Trading Course

    • Four modules consisting of 22 video lessons 
    • Robust trading system 
    • Lifetime support For intermediate to advanced traders 

    Discover the strategy that works for all markets and environments. The Optic method adapts to current market conditions, helping you get the most out of every trading day. 

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    1. Market Foundations
    1. Risk Control & Money Management
    1. Advance Volume Analysis & Day Types
    1. Setups, Execution & Trade Location

    At Optic Trading, we’ve designed the Professional Trading Course to start with a strong foundation. We help you master the building blocks of a successful trading career, with a solid understanding of how markets work at a basic level, before you move on to advanced material. 

    The second module focuses on risk control and money management, two of the most important aspects often overlooked by traders. In the third module, you’ll learn many techniques for analyzing and making trading decisions, with information derived from volume. In the final module, you’ll put everything together, learning the setups and their proper execution.  

    Whether you’re an intermediate-level trader, or an advanced trader with regular profits, this course will give you the extra edge you’re looking for. 

    The Optic Professional Trading Course will help you master these skills:

    • Limit your risk  
    • Clearly define your Entry, Stop and Target 
    • 11 setups to trade any market — in multiple market conditions 
    • Build a Trade Plan:  guide your trading for the day 
    • Read the Opening:  learn how to act early, when the opportunity is ripe 
    • Detect trends and large market moves — before they occur 
    • Determine the various Day Types, so you can adjust your strategy 
    • Auction Market Theory, Market Profile and Volume Profile 
    • Measure your performance with journaling and recording metrics 
    • Multiple time frame analysis:  learn which time frame controls the day 
    • Identify and anticipate Stop Runs 
    • Take advantage of Stop Runs 
    • And much more! 


    “As a professional trader, I use everything I teach on a daily basis.” 

    I’m Adam Ryan, a professional trader, educator, and mentor. I’ve been profitable for the last eight years, but I wasn’t an overnight success. I made almost every rookie mistake a beginner could make. My first few years were frustrating, to say the least. They also included lots of losses. 

    It took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong, which is why I decided to build this course to help other traders fast-track past the frustration, into profitability. 

    I’ll show you when and why to take a trade. I’ll show you examples of trades that don’t work and break down why. In the heat of the trading day, it pays to have the skills to identify this early. Every setup I teach, I’ll reveal how to avoid the problems, as well as the optimal setup.  

    Learn how to make good trades and avoid bad ones, without the robots. Enroll in the Optic Professional Trading Course today. 

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  • Adam Ryan 
    Professional Trader, Educator and Mentor 

    Adam Ryan is a professional trader, educator, and mentor. He’s been featured on the popular Chat With Traders podcast, listened to in 50+ countries. His Aha Moment happened when he realized the outcome of a series of trades matters more than any single trade. To win, you must be able to accept a loss.  

    After years of sustained profitable trading, Adam decided to share the secret of his success with others. In 2014, he founded Optic Trading, an educational company that teaches traders how to trade profitably – inspired by a “pay it forward” motivation. With eight years of full-time trading under his belt, he is an educator with ongoing professional experience.