Swing Trade or Day Trade

Swing trade or day trade? This is a question I get asked often, and even more often is the question can I swing trade with the Optic Trading methodology? In this post I will answer both of these questions.

First off, whether you swing or day trade is going to be based on two things, at least initially. Number one is your personality, are you an impatient trader who cannot sleep at night with open positions? Are you a trader who hates to be glued to his/her screen all day? Do you have a small account size and would like to limit your risk by not having any overnight exposure? These are questions you need to ask yourself when deciding which trading style best suits you. Secondly, do you have a job or other commitments that would make day trading unrealistic for you?

The reason I said that the decision was based on two things initially is because when you first start out its best to align your trading style with your personality. Once you get good you can train yourself to trade any style you want. When I started out I really wanted to be a day trader but it did not fit my personality so I decided to swing trade instead. What I did was train myself to make a smooth transition into day trading, contradictory to what most experts suggest. Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. The mind is too powerful to be limited; you can do anything you believe you can do.

People always ask me if they can swing trade with the Optic Trading methodology and the answer to that question is yes! Markets are fractal and what works on one time frame will work on others as well. Sure there are nuances that are only applicable to the day time frame but the majority of what is taught is applicable to all time frames. Market structure and price action are the same among all time frames. Each week in the coaching sessions held for my students, I wrap things up with my market outlook and I highlight potential swing trade opportunities using the Optic Trading methodology.

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