What Practical Application Can Do For Your Trading

Why is it that traders think they can read a book or take a course and suddenly become profitable traders? In all other fields everyone will agree that experience is what makes someone proficient. Now don’t get me wrong, reading books and taking courses is great, but we must not forget that without the practical application experience is not gained, and experience is what separates the good from the great.

Imagine you are studying under a master carpenter, and this carpenter is teaching you how to build an intricate and complex piece. The master carpenter shows you exactly how to measure and cut each piece and the appropriate tool to use. The master carpenter then gives you his/her tool belt and all his/her knowledge, but does this make you a master carpenter? The answer is clearly no. You lack the experience and feel for the job.

Imagine that you have leaned how to swim from reading a book and watching swimming on television. You could easily say to yourself "OK, this is easy, all I have to do is lay flat put one hand over the other and kick my legs." This sounds simple enough, Right? Now hop in the pool and tell me how simple it is if you have never swam before.

Trading is exactly the same as the examples above. No book or course will make you successful without the practical application, and experience gained from applying the techniques in a LIVE environment. I have personally read over 35 trading books and taken numerous trading courses and non of them even came close to what the market has taught me.

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